Black Powder Sampler Soap

On the road all the time? Have an AirBNB or a bed and breakfast? Or maybe just can't decide which Long Rifle scent you want? We can help! Made from locally-sourced tallow and unrefined shea butter, you, your guests, and anyone else will appreciate the high quality. Each bar is 1 oz and measures 3"x 3"x 0.25".


Soaps are individually wrapped in biodegradable shrink wrap, so less impact on the environment.


Black Powder is a blend of cedarwood, pine, anise and vanilla. Perfect for deer hunters and can be used for pre-hunt showers or kept in your Scent-Lock bag. Otherwise fantastic in the shower for everyone else!


Ingredients: water, olive oil, coconut oil, locally-sourced tallow, unrefined shea butter, canola oil, castor oil, fragrance or essential oils, activated charcoal

Black Powder Sampler Soap


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